Stitches and Glue ltd- Creature Effects, Puppets and Special Effects Costume.

What disciplines does Stitches and Glue specialise in?

It has always been our aim to offer a wide range of services to our clients, the variety of our in-house skills allows us to realise pretty much any project.

We particularly specialise in:

  • Animatronics and Creature FX

  • CGI motion capture models/puppets

  • Puppet design and manufacture

  • Puppets for Animation

  • Illustration

  • Character Design and Concept work

  • Model making- Costume props

  • Mask makers for performance

  • Creature and Special Effects Costume Design and manufacture.

We embrace challenges of all kinds, and it is our love of problem-solving that motivates the team

How long does it take to turn over a job?

We encourage clients to approach us with as much notice as possible as this gives us the opportunity to consider various options and to carry out sufficient design work or research and development if required. We pride ourselves on the ability to meet tight deadlines, but this can sometimes incur further costs.

How much are bespoke builds likely to cost and what to expect.

The cost of a project is completely dependent on your requirements.  We are always happy to discuss various options and to try and meet your budget requirements if possible.

Depending on the project type our process would generally start with some initial design work. Following feedback we would then follow up with further development designs including sculpts. Once we have an agreed design confirmed and signed off, fabrication would commence. Please see below, a typical puppet make case study.

Puppet Design and Make case study.  Initial Designs, Development, sculpt and fabrication.

Puppet Design and Make case study.

Initial Designs, Development, sculpt and fabrication.

Does Stitches and Glue offer design as well as manufacturing?

Yes. We enjoy the creative challenge of designing characters or concepts from scratch, we are able to keep clients fully informed every step of the way.

When and how was Stitches and Glue established?

The company Stitches and Glue was born in 2007 Whilst Paul was in his final year studying Illustration. Paul Developed this idea into a brand exploring character design and story telling through his project ‘Monster Workshop’ creating bespoke Soft sculptures with endearing back stories looking for new homes.

Becky met Paul in 2010 whilst working at Blind Summit Puppet company making a 10 foot Ogre puppet for an Opera in New York, this went onto win The New York Times’ Puppet of the Year 2010. They have been working together ever since, creating monsters for Stitches & Glue’s project: Monster Workshop, and puppets and costumes for a number of stage shows, TV and film productions.

Does Stitches and Glue offer work experience?