Custom made Puppets and creature effects for Television, film and Theatre. Practical Effects Company specialising in Puppet design, Special effects costume, cgi reference models and costume props. Makers and Designers for the Entertainment industry, based in London, England.

Film Credits

‘Jim Henson's, Dark Crystal 2019 - Fabrication co Supervisor/Senior Puppet maker, Fabricator

 ‘ Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker’ 2019 – Key Animatronic Designer

 ‘Han Solo: A Stars Wars story’ 2018 - Animatronic Designer, Creature Department

 ‘Disney's Beauty and the Beast' 2017- Fabrication Supervisor/Senior fabricator (Creature Deaprtment)

 ‘Star Wars – The Last Jedi’ 2017 - Animatronic designer/Senior fabricator, Creature department

'Ready Player One' 2017 - Fabricator, Costume Props

 ‘The Mummy’ 2017 - Senior Fabricator/SFX Modeller, Creature Department

 ‘Assassins Creed' 2016 - Mask maker

 ‘Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children’ 2016 - SFX Modeller, Creature Department

 ‘Rogue One; A Star Wars Story’ 2016 - Animatronic Designer, Creature Department

 ‘Zoolander 2’ 2016 - Fabricator

 ‘Avengers –Age of Ultron’ 2015 - SFX Fabricator

 ‘Paddington’ 2014 – Fabricator/On-set Dresser, Creature Department

 'Ex Machina' 2014 - SFX Fabricator

 ‘Thor: A Dark World’ 2013 - SFX Modeller

 'Dark Shadows', 2012 – Fabrication Supervisor/SFX Modeller/Hand double, Creature Department

 ‘X-men: First Class’ 2011 – Fabricator/Art Finisher

 'The Wolfman' 2010 - Fabricator, Creature department

'Hellboy 2' 2008 - Fabricator, Creature Department

 'Fred Claus' 2007 - Fabricator, Creature Department

 'Sweeney Todd' 2007 - Fabricator

 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' 2005 - Fabricator, Creature Department

 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' 2005 - Fabricator creature dept


Theatre Credits

‘Disney The Little Mermaid’ 2019, Helsinki - Puppet Designers/Consultants

Theatre Credits:

‘Robot Boy’ 2019 – Puppet Designer, Maker

 'The Welcoming Party' Theatre Rites 2017 – Puppet Designer, Maker

‘The Hartlepool Monkey’ 2017 - Puppet makers

‘Blue Lion Publishing- 'Gerti's Great Escape' 2017 – Puppet Designer, Maker

‘Circus 1903’ 2017 - Puppet Maker

 ‘Broke and Beat Collective’ 2016 - Puppet designer, Maker

 ‘Animating the Brain’, 2015 - Puppet designer, Maker

 'The Big Sneeze' 2015 - Puppet Designer, Maker

'Penguins of Madagascar' 2015 – Costume props Supervisor, Puppet Makers

 Will Tucket's ‘Secret Garden’- Sarasota Ballet, Florida 2014 – Puppet supervisor/Puppet makers

'Into the woods' 2014 -  Puppet Designer, Maker

‘Elephantom’ 2013 National Theatre - Sculptor and Puppet Maker

‘Light Princess’ 2013 National Theatre -  Sculptor and Puppet Fabricator

‘James II’ 2014 Significant object- Sculptor and Mould maker

‘War- Horse’ 2013 National Theatre – Puppet Maker


Children’s Televion

‘Moon and Me’ 2019 - Fabrication Supervisor, Puppet Department

‘Teletubbies’ 2016 - Fabrication Supervisor, senior Fabricator/Art-Finisher, Creature Suits

‘Me and my Monsters’ 2010 - Fabricator, Creature Department

‘ZingZillas’ 2010 - Fabricator

‘Into the Night Garden’ 2007 - Fabricator

‘Tickle Monsters’ 2017 - Puppet Department

‘Whale Trail’ 2015 - Puppet Department



Becky Johnson


Becky Johnson - Creative Director and Fabrication Supervisor

Becky Trained at The London College of Fashion graduating with a degree in Costume Technical Effects & Make-Up for the Performing Arts. In her final year she got her big break working on 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and she's been working in the movie industry ever since.

Becky has been extremely fortunate to have worked alongside and for, many of the leading creatives in her field. This has helped her build a knowledge and understanding of all things costume, combined with her attention to detail she continues to thrive as a Senior freelance fabricator of creature costumes, masks and puppets, moving recently into supervising departments on large scale TV and film productions.



Paul Vincett



Paul Vincett - Creative Director, Character and Puppet Design/Builder 

Paul, the company founder of Stitches and Glue, graduated with 1st class honors in Illustration at Westminster, specialising in character design and puppets for film and animation. Paul began his career making character mascot costumes out of a workshop in Crystal palace and went on to become a puppet maker for a number of leading Puppet studios. Alongside this the world of 'Stitches and Glue', developed into a  company and platform for his own artistic led puppet and designer toy project ventures, focusing on character development and storytelling. His unique approach to puppet making combines 'soft' engineering and more complex mechanics.

As well as being completely obsessed with developing his own projects, Paul works as a freelance puppet/prop/costume designer and maker for Theatre and Film and has since made puppets for feature films and International stage productions


BBC Sussex Interview- 2019

The Stitches and Glue team popped along to chat to Allison Ferns at BBC radio Sussex, discussing puppets and our story.



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